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HN1P-56 Cylinder Knitting Machine

一、 Product Usage

The machine mainly produces the soffili yarn which has the construction of the hollow tape yarn inside and the wool or wool-like scattered fiber with a staple length of 102mm as the feed material inside.


二、 Yarn Principle

Roving or drawing sliver can be feed the carding box for long fiber by roller,the bulk fiber carded is injected the hollow tape knitted by cylinder,then through ring spindle untwisting .



Large quantity of fiber inside the hollow tape makes the yarn fluffy and soft . Compared with the same weight knitted fabric , its weight can be reduced by 30%-40% but feels more pine thick. Due to 10%-40% hollow tape and its material, the production can be rich color, light change and elasticity.



The length of the inside fiber can reach to 102 mm, so the state of inside fiber is special. The production feels fluffy and soft compared to the yarn with short fiber and the fiber is not easy to be dropped. This yarn is more attention.


三、 Main parameters

Spindle No.


Spindle Gauge


Fiber Length

102mm wool or wool-like fiber

Ring diameter



roving or drawing sliver

Drafting system

Single feed roller, the door type cradle pressure

Output speed



24 slot internal rotational needle cylinder can be attached with the machine (special requirements prior instruction) and each can run and stop separately .

Electric System

The parameter can be set ,amended and stored by the touch screenPLC and human-machine operation.  Control five sets of converter to finish work normally.






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